A little about me and my words

This is one of my #devilleinkbathroomselfie

Ok so before I can expect anyone to believe that what I am saying is gospel, I am sure you want to know what makes me the person to listen to when it comes to being a female tattooist. First and foremost before anything else I am a Mom, that is my number one job and the most important. I have three amazing sons, Zion, 22, who I am basically training to be me, Vinnie, 21, who is a Colonel in the US Marine Corps, and the baby, who is 13 and will hate me for introducing him as Mouse, we have called him that since birth, his real name is Aiden. My husband, best friend, business partner and partner in crime, Tony DeVille, has been dealing with my crazy ass for 16 years now and I actually convinced him to marry me 9 years ago lmao!!! Together we own a few small businesses but our main career is body modification. I have only been physically tattooing for close to 6 years even though we have owned the shop for nearly 10, I also worked in the tattoo industry before we opened our shop wearing whatever hat needed to be worn that day. I have literally done everything there is to do at a tattoo and piercing studio from scrubbing tubes and grips and the bathrooms to being the Boss. My mother-in-law lives with us, she has her own apartment in our basement but she is not independent currently because of health problems so I help her when I can. I have been a modified model and a pin up model. I was a nurse for almost 10 years specializing in infectious disease and stopping the spread of them. We also own a graphic design company which is more my husband and my son’s company and I run our screen printing/ fashion design company. I also hand make jewelry and I am a cosmetic tattooist too. Recently I must have thought that three hours of sleep a night is way too much for me so I started homeschooling my youngest this year and I have made the decision to give this a try. I will make another post explaining what to expect with my blog but the short of it is these are the stories of my life and what it is really like to be a female tattooist in the industry not what they make you believe it is like with all of these new shows. Now don’t let my tag line fool you, we have been on TV, our tattoo shop hosted the pilot episode of Ink Master Angels, if Spike TV (now paramount) wouldn’t have liked us, our shop and our personality, that show would not exist right now. So that was nowhere near everything about me but it is enough to get everyone familiar with me and to understand where my POV is coming from, right smack in the middle of it all!