What I might write about…

Since I do wear many hats throughout my day, you never know what kind of mood I will be in when it’s time to write. So you all know what to expect when you visit, I have put together a list of the topics I may quite possibly rant about, just kidding I meant write about. So in no particular order here we go…..

  • Crazy or funny stories about a client or just someone in the shop
  • How to act and how not to act if you want to earn the right kind of respect from your peers in this industry, especially if you are a woman but not exclusively.
  • Exclusively telling young women what it is really like to work in this industry, not what they make it seem like on TV
  • Things that have worked and what has not worked for me balancing work and home life.
  • Keeping our marriage from going stale
  • Who to trust and who not to trust when running your own business
  • What has worked and hasn’t worked as a business owner
  • what it is like to work and run a family business while raising the family
  • What it was like for my kids growing up and how they turned out after growing up in a tattoo shop literally.
  • What it’s like or issues of a working homeschool mom
  • Trying to keep a business and household budget when you live off of commission.
  • Cosmetic tattoos vs Microblading POV of a professional cosmetic tattooist
  • anything having to do with being a tattooist, a mom, a wife, a boss and everything in between

So that was just a few of the topics I may write about or post videos about and there are about a thousand more so you are very likely to get something not on the list.


I am a female tattoo artist of six years, I have owned my tattoo shop since 2009 when my husband, Tony, and I opened DeVille Ink in Baltimore. I am a mom to three amazing sons, you will learn about them in my posts, at this point in my life I dont think there are many things I have not done or at least attempted to do.